2.2 Video: Introduction to Professional Skills

Watch the above video to learn more about professional skills and why they’re important to for students to develop as they pursue further education or embark on their careers.

The actual title of this video on YouTube is “Top Soft Skills to have in 2020” – but calling this collection of personal, interpersonal, thinking and communication abilities “soft” makes them sound easy to develop. It’s the opposite and the importance of evolving these skills cannot be overstated. This video provides some examples of what is meant by “professional skills”. Please note that while the six professional skills noted in the video are not in perfect alignment with the 10 Professional Skills we use in CamSTAR that they are variations on a theme as indicated below.

Please note that the skills focused on in CamSTAR are based on Canadian research, and while the skills described in the video are not an exact match with those in CamSTAR, they are equivalent or similar as indicated in the Table 2.2.1.